Artway Duo in Henri's hometown NITRA

Artway Duo in Nitra
Performing in Henri's hometown are highlights of Artway Duo performances. After 3 years we came back to perform again in City Synagogue. Henri's family and many friends from hometown make these events very sentimental and unforgettable for us. We love to perform there, the hospitality and the city workers from Synagogue are lovely people with great support for us. Henri said, that it "feels like, all our concert before, leading us to perform in Nitra". Thanks for a great support of Henri's family, and the organizers "Municipal office of city Nitra", "Parfems.sk" and "Foundation Aspekt" with the great support of Rotary Club in Nitra. 


Artway Duo plays salon concert in National opera Banska Bystrica

Artway Duo performing after 6 years in the city of Banska Bystrica again. This time in chamber club-hall Bohema, together with our dear friend and opera soloist Simon Svitok. A beautiful evening full of encores for violin and piano, and Tchaikovsky's "Souvenir d'un lieu cher", and Songs from opera, left us happy with many new friends from the audience.


Artway Duo performing Tchaikovsky with Slovak Sinfonietta

We were very happy to perform in Henri's homeland Slovakia. Zilina is Henri's student city, he spent there 6 years studying with Marie Balazova. He graduated with Slovak Sinfonietta and since then keeping a musical connection to this orchestra. This time Artway Duo performed own version of "Souvenir from the beloved place" written by Tchaikovsky. After 6 years again joining with our dear friend and highly respected conductor Leos Svarovsky. Standing ovations and warm atmosphere of the audience and orchestra members made this event unforgettable for us.



ピアソラ: リベルタンゴ
ジョン・ウィリアムズ: シンドラーのリスト
チャイコフスキー: 懐かしい土地の思い出(デュオ+五重奏)
マスネ: タイスの瞑想曲(デュオ+五重奏) 他
Vn.1 ネストル・ロドリゲス
Vn.2 山本 高史
Va. 飯野 和英
Vc. 吉岡 知広
Vb. 助川 龍

今回は、3月末から始まるヨーロッパ (スロバキア) コンサートツアーの皮切りとして、まずは仙台で皆様と共に楽しみたいと思います。